Akiko & Masako Takada


  • toyokeizai-online

    MOT Annual 2014 (including our work) was featured on Toyokezai online on 3rd April.

  • Work shop will be held 13:00,3rd May. After work shop Artist talk will start at 15:30.

  • maze

    Museum of contemporary art Tokyo is introduced in the page of 72,‘Sumida koutou-bon’ published by Ei-publishing. The column includes information about MOT Annual 2014 and our work ‘Hedge Maze’.

  • map-mo+

    We are working on ‘Under Reconstruction’ at MOT and the photograph will be shown from 6th April. Please try to look for the mended parts with the map, when you visit the museum.

  • tokyo-news-tokyo-2014

    MOT Annual 2014 is shown in page 12, Art News Tokyo 2014.Jan-Mar. Our work ‘Trump Card’ is in the same page.

  • mot-annual-2014 MOT Annual 2014 Fragment Incomplete Beginnings

    2014. 2.15 – 5.11
    Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

  • news01 Being-in-the-Wired-World

    July 20-September 29, 2013
    Kawasaki City Museum

  • news02

    Our work, Hedge Maze has been shown in anual calendar at Museum of contemporary art Tokyo. The show MOT anual that we participating will be held next year. Please have a look when you visit there.